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Don't loose yourself in your own thoughts

Sometimes you will wake up and feel Meh, or sometimes you will wake up and feel worse than meh. You will feel lost. You can think dark thoughts. This can and will happen to anyone. We are not superhuman. We can have situations in our lives that can play with our mind. Play with our emotions. Play with our train of thought. But always remember you are never ever alone. There is always someone to talk to.

I was actually talking to my friend about this last week. I spoke about how when I came out of hospital I thought nobody was there to talk to. None of my friends gave fuck. How I was feeling alone even though I was loved?

Then when I least expected it my friends had organised a surprise dinner for me. They were there to talk to and if anything since opening up with my best mate I actually feel we are closer than ever. I am actually closer and more open with all my friends and family now. I also make it clear to all our members that my door is always open as I never want anyone to feel that they can’t talk.

As naff as it sounds gratuity really does help. Stop for a second and think. What are you very fortunate to have. A loving family? A good job? A roof over your head? Food on your table each night? Your health? These are just some things, but you can think of your own. The minute we reflect on these it can help us realise what we over play in our mind will be outweighed by the amazing things around us each day, which we sometime take for granted.

“Don't forget who you are. You are a fighter.

As the dark in the sky makes the stars shine bright,

You will find the bad stuff has good bits too.

The bad days are the days that make you you.

But you will never know happy unless you know sad”


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