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You will always be the villain...

... in someone else’s story.

There will always be someone around-whether you know them in person or not-who will hate everything you ever do just because it’s you doing it ,and they will call you for everything because of this.

People will give you their opinion on things. Regardless of what you have said you think about it.

There will always be they people telling you that what you are doing is wrong or stupid, useless or repetitive or pointless or nasty or… know what I mean.

People in this world have set up hate sites for amazing people doing amazing thing. Key board warriors!

No one is immune or bullet proof from this. It is the price of living in our time. If you are going to put yourself out publicly in anyway, if you dare to bare your soul to the world SOMEONE .....some random is going to hate you for it.

So do what you were going to do anyway....who gives a f#%k!

Make posts that makes you happy. Write shitty poems and draw random things and sing what you like and take pictures of your food and do beautiful random amazing things that bring a smile to your face, be care free like a 4 year old and bring happiness for the simple things that can fill our cup.

Stick two fingers up to everyone else. If you’re going to be the villain you might as well get some enjoyment out of it.


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