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It's not a Monday that's crap - it's your outlook!

It's not a Monday’s that's crap’s your outlook!

It's sad that Monday's always get written off as depressing. People come to work or class and moan that they have to go through another week of work. We are looking at it all wrong! Sometimes we can look at the day, or the whole week that lies before us and a sinking feeling comes over us. We don't want to face the work and the stress, but we have to learn to see the good that is here for us in the present moment. Monday's have many perks that the other days of the week may not.

A Fresh Start

Monday's are filled with opportunity! It is a start to a brand new week and maybe even a brand new you. Last week is in the past, and this week can be even better if you have the right outlook. The whole week is filled with good things to come. So get up that bit earlier. Go to the gym. Go your first run. Try something you you avoided last week.

Things to Look Forward to

We have to start changing the way we look at the week. Instead of seeing the hurdles we have to jump over to get to the weekend, we should start being excited of what we will receive throughout the week. We have to open our eyes to all of the things we are privileged to have and to the opportunities that are all around us in the present moment. It is our negative thoughts that keep us from noticing them not Monday’s.


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