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Create your own path

Life is about creating your own path. Not always listening to the directions that other might think is right. It is about making the journey your own, yeah it can feel like the route you have chosen is unsteady and covered in shit but end of the day you can’t coast through life on smooth, clean and flat surfaces. You have to go through some shit to get to where you want to be.

The sooner you start realising that the sooner you will realise where you are meant to go, and how you are going to get there. The sooner you will stop listening to other who tell you to go the easy route. I admit it is hard, some talk a good game, some don’t want to see you leave the route their on to. Some want you to just settle there. Telling you the views nice from where you are, why go on. That’s their opinion. They haven’t seen the view from where you want to go.

So remember it’s ok to get lost along the way in life. Your paths will constantly change, but keep going till you get to place where you can sit back and enjoy the view that you worked so hard to reach and see.


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