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Why are you doing it?

It is important to know why you are chasing that goal, because your mind will say “Why you even bothering big chap?” “Why go through all of this ya fanny?”, “This is too hard, tap out”.

Here’s how you can override that…

Write down 5 reasons why you deserve it.

  • Why you?

  • Why do you deserve it?

  • What meaning will it bring to your life?

  • What value will it bring to your life?

  • What’s so different about you, that you deserve your goal?

When you have those down moments and you will have it’s going to happen, When that annoying negative thought starts talking to you, and it will start talking to you, what you can do is, you can pull that out and read it and it will build you up. It will be your water wings or your stabiliser to comfort you through some challenging and shitty moments, because you’re gonna have some. Life will knock you between the eyes, it will catch you on the blind side and come out of nowhere like a rancid fart , stuff you can’t anticipate. That’s why it is important for you to work on yourself, listening to podcasts, building yourself up, talking to yourself with positive thoughts , feelings and the occasional kick up the arse, building yourself up day in and day out.


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